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We thought you may want to know more about us and why we do what we do.

Have you ever had a moment in time that is so life changing?  It could be winning the big game, getting a car or a job, or a cute  and cuddly puppy.  Many things can form and shape our lives.  

On April 6, 2012, our family had one such moment.  We received a call from Barnes Hospital that there had been an accident and that we needed to come to the hospital.  I will not go into what was going through our heads and hearts at that time, that is for another time.  What I can tell you is that our daughter, Kaitlin was gone.  Kaitlin was an organ donor and we honored that wish.

That simple selfless act has opened a new chapter in our lives and the lives of Kaitlin’s friends.  A simple desire to remember and honor our daughter, sister, family and friend; has become something bigger and far better than we could have thought.  We have met so many wonderful people on this journey.  Donor and recipient families share a bond that is very special.

As we prepare for the 7th annual Kaitlin’s Benefit For Life, we want to bring you with us behind the scenes and share this time with you.  This is a journey that will surprise you.  Thank you for coming!

We’ll see you on April 20!


Kaitlin’s Benefit for Life Team is happy to announce the seventh annual Mid-America Transplant Family House Fundraiser will take place on Saturday, April 20 at Failoni’s Restaurant and Bar in celebration of National Donate Life Month.

All donations raised will benefit Mid-America Transplant Family House, which offers safe and affordable mid- to long term single family apartment living for patients and their families who must relocate to St. Louis to receive life-saving pre- and post-transplant care.

Entry is $25 at the door and will include food, live music, outdoor games and access to a large variety of raffle and silent auction prizes. The fundraiser will start at 2 p.m. and run through 7 p.m.

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