Classic Cars During #KB4L


Our attending friends from Fords Unlimited are showing off a small selection of classic cars during Kaitlin’s Benefit for Life celebration on Saturday, April 20!

You won’t want to miss checking out these beauties! Cars on display outside Failoni’s starting at 2 p.m.!

LIVE MUSIC: Bull’s Eye Band

Final_KB4L_Band_FinalThe #KB4L team is beyond thrilled to announce Bull’s Eye Band will play at our 7th annual Kaitlin’s Benefit for Life on Saturday, April 20 at Failoni’s Restaurant and Bar!

A local quartet, Bull’s Eye Band brings a variety of classic rock, blues and country covers with them to the stage. It’s sure to be a big day- so bring your friends, family and comfy shoes because band starts rockin’ at 3 p.m.!

Bull’s Eye Band Features:

Mike Edwards – Bass, Lead Vocals
Rick Littlejohn – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Bob Walker – Keyboard, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Chuck Bowman – Drums, Percussion

We Are Family

47CCF42E-439F-4F0A-BDB1-620044BF5610Today is St. Patrick’s Day when everyone claims to be a little bit Irish.  Kaitlin McKeirnan was more than a  little bit Irish and our family embraces all our heritages.  Looking at family and seeing where you have come from can be fun and informative.  Looking at the past can teach us a great deal, but looking toward the future is even more important.

I said in the last post I would share what some of the recipient families have told us regarding what this  benefit means to them.  Nearly a year after losing Kaitlin, we received a letter from an older gentleman who thanked us for her gift.  Because of her tissue and muscle donation he was able to walk and play with his grandchildren.  It seemed appropriate that we would hear from a geriatric when Kaitlin had spent 5 years working with the geriatric population and now she was truly a part of it.

At one benefit, the father of young girl who had received a heart transplant, gave us a bear hug and told us how grateful he was for our family and families like ours.  He was sorry for our loss but he knew that because of such loss he had his little girl.

When our family was grieving the loss of Kaitlin, we had the television on but I am not sure we were really watching it.  It was an episode of Criminal Minds.  It was an older one in which JJ was having to leave the BAU and go to another department and she did not want to leave.  She said this:

“This is not what I want, but I’ll take the high road. Maybe it’s because I look at everything as a lesson- or because I don’t want to walk around angry- or maybe it’s because I finally understand there are things we don’t want to happen but have to accept.  Things we don’t want to know but have to learn; and people we can’t live without but have to let go.”

Anyone who must let a loved one go will always feel that loss.  Time does not heal a wound like that, but we can try to learn to live with that loss.  For our family, KB4L is a way to make something good out of something horrible, and give second chances to others.  Every recipient we have met has not only been extremely grateful for their gift of life, but assures us they are making the best out of the second chance of life they have been given.

Every day can be a new beginning for all of us.  We get to choose what we do with it today, and organ donation assures us that we can still continue to give to others when we are no longer here.

Sign up to be an organ donor.  There will be people at the Benefit that can help you with that or go to your local DMV and ask how.  

See you April 20th at Failoni’s!!!  

2019 Team Transplant Saint Louis Trivia Night

On Saturday, March 9, 2019 the #KB4L team attended Team Transplant Saint Louis Trivia Night at Machinists Hall.

It was an admirable evening surrounded by many vibrant spirits who have in some way been affected by organ transplantation. Among several were donor families, living donors and donor recipients. Attendees had the opportunity to bid on a variety of silent auction items, enter to win the 50/50 raffle or win two large raffle prizes, including a wheelbarrow full of liquor and a St. Louis Cardinals ticket package.

Both of our tables indulged in delicious snacks and beverages while challenging our knowledge in various trivia rounds. Multiple breaks occurred throughout the game to remember those who sacrificed the gift of life to save those in need of organ and tissue care.

As the evening concluded, we remembered how much Kaitlin was playful and competitive, and as her family and friends came together we all couldn’t help but to feel her presence with us throughout the evening.

Thank you so much Team Transplant Saint Louis for hosting another successful event!

We hope to see everyone at Failoni’s on Saturday, April 20, 2019!

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Did you know…

St. Louis has surpassed 10,000 organ transplants?  That is 10,000 miracles and second chances for a fulfilling life!  

Did you know that once you are at the top of a transplant recipient list, you must be within an hour of the hospital in case you get the call to  get your miracle?  These are the families that KB4L helps through our benefit.  Families must move here from all over the country and live here while awaiting their chance at this precious gift.

All the money we raise at the benefit goes to help  families with the cost of day to day things like parking, gas and hundreds of other things that are needed while they stay here.  Once the transplant is completed, they must still remain here for a time while they see if the surgery will be successful.

We try to help these families with financial assistance but also with letting them know that we care about the whole family.  We have met several families and recipients .  St. Louis is well known for our transplant work and the teams are awesome and dedicated to  their work.

Next week I will share with you some of the things the families have shared with us about what this benefit means to them.  In the meantime, make plans to see us at Failoni’s, drop us a line or donate whatever you can for our raffles and auctions.  We love to hear from you.