Did you know…

St. Louis has surpassed 10,000 organ transplants?  That is 10,000 miracles and second chances for a fulfilling life!  

Did you know that once you are at the top of a transplant recipient list, you must be within an hour of the hospital in case you get the call to  get your miracle?  These are the families that KB4L helps through our benefit.  Families must move here from all over the country and live here while awaiting their chance at this precious gift.

All the money we raise at the benefit goes to help  families with the cost of day to day things like parking, gas and hundreds of other things that are needed while they stay here.  Once the transplant is completed, they must still remain here for a time while they see if the surgery will be successful.

We try to help these families with financial assistance but also with letting them know that we care about the whole family.  We have met several families and recipients .  St. Louis is well known for our transplant work and the teams are awesome and dedicated to  their work.

Next week I will share with you some of the things the families have shared with us about what this benefit means to them.  In the meantime, make plans to see us at Failoni’s, drop us a line or donate whatever you can for our raffles and auctions.  We love to hear from you.



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