About Us

Pictured from left: Pete, Kendal, Executive Director of MT Foundation RJ Crunk, Grace and Ryan.

Kaitlin’s Benefit for Life is an annual fundraiser produced by Kaitlin Lee McKeirnan’s family and friends supporting those affected by organ donation while advocating the essence of living life to the fullest.

The fundraiser happens during the month of April- the national ‘Donate Life’ month where supporters honor those affected by organ and tissue donation. All donations raised will benefit  Family House of Mid-America Transplant. A program that offers safe and affordable mid to long term residency for patients and their families who often relocate to St. Louis to receive life-saving pre-and post-transplant care.


Kaitlin’s Benefit for Life was formed in 2013, a year after the sudden passing of 21-year-old Kaitlin Lee McKeirnan. While her family and friends resisted accepting the loss, the group discovered inspiration from her ability to save multiple lives through organ donation. With the community’s efforts, Kaitlin’s Benefit for Life has successfully been able to raise $10,000 during the past three years, and $4,000 last year alone.


Kaitlin is remembered for her vivacious humor, bright smile and contagious happiness, Kaitlin welcomed any and all into her life. Following in her advantageous spirit, friends and family have ignited her message of hope and friendship through the power of organ donation awareness and education. Kaitlin’s Benefit for Life embraces the message of living life to the fullest, while continuing to provide support for those affected by organ donation in Kaitlin’s honor.

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