20120409_120341_0_orig Kaitlin Lee Mckeirnan was born on April 29th, 1990. Through her 21 amazing years on earth Kaitlin touched the lives of many people. She had such a vivacious spirit and energy. Her personality was just so warm and welcoming, and her smile could light up a room. There were no strangers around her, she made sure everyone in a room felt special and included.


20120409_124324_1_origGrowing up Kaitlin loved playing and hanging out with her younger sister Kendal. She spent countless hours watching movies with her mom and dad something she would always love to do. She loved her family very much. She loved spending nights over at her grandparent’s house and having family parties. She loved t408234_1789716305098_1582902810_no read, play dolls and swim in the family pool during warm weather. Kaitlin was very active in church and that continued into her high school years being active in Young Life and even traveling to church camp with them over the summer. She was as happy and positive a person as you will ever meet. Kaitlin had a very close group of best friends and was the glue that held them together.


20120409_123737_0_origIn high school Kaitlin was always busy. Kaitlin always worked hard and had lots of determination. She always had a job, sometimes two or three! She worked at both Bethesda Orchard and Nazareth Senior Living. Kaitlin truly enjoyed working with the elderly and her compassion for the lives of others really shined through in these jobs.



Kaitlin gra69855_1319080379494_8030903_nduated from Lindbergh High School in 2008 and went on to attend STLCC at Meramec. She was just as much of a social butterfly there as she was growing up. In 2011 she graduated from STLCC with her associates degree.

On April 6th, 2012 Kaitlin passed suddenly. Kaitlin was a registered organ donor and her gift of life through organ and tissue donation was able to change the lives of many people.


Although everyone who knew Kaitlin will always miss her, we find joy in celebrating the lives she was able to touch. Kaitlin leaves behind a legacy of love. She was always celebrating life, celebrating others. Kaitlin will always be alive to those who loved her and hold her in their hearts.